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Our values

Our values humanity, braveness and open-mindedness guide everything we do. We want to do good and create equality in the world.


We are human to human. We believe that all people are equal. We treat each other, our guests and all the people we meet equally. We talk good of each other and to each other. We value difference. People have original thoughts. Everyone is welcome to us as they are. We also have strong views and we are happy to share them but we do not impose them on others


We base our decisions and judgments on rationality and fairness. We delve into issues and discuss openly so that we do not form hasty or judgmental opinions. We are receptive to new knowledge and ideas. We want to explore the world without preconceptions. We keep what is valuable and reject what is worthless. We draw precise conclusions based on the information, but we leave our minds open in the event that we receive more information in the future


We dare to act in accordance with our values. We dare to voice our thoughts, opinions and ideas. We also encourage others to do so. We dare to fail and say we were wrong. We dare to succeed and praise ourselves. We question ourselves and each other. We want to learn from our own successes and failures, and give feedback to each other. We dare to have fun, look into each other’s eyes, be happy and love