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Most of Klaus K's spaces are wheelchair accessible either by elevator or ramp. We are happy to assist with any accessibility-related questions!

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The front of the hotel is paved with cobblestones, so it is not entirely flat. There is a short ramp at the main entrance of the hotel, with thresholds of 1 cm and 2 cm at the entrance. The main doors of the hotel open outward with motion sensors.


The hotel has three accessible rooms, which can be booked through our website or via our reception: | +358207704701

The door width of all accessible rooms is 90 cm. All accessible rooms feature two separate 200 x 80 cm electrically adjustable beds. The height of the beds is 65 cm. There is space on both sides of the toilet in the bathroom of all accessible rooms. Handrails for the toilet are available upon request. The hand basin and mirror in the bathrooms are fixed.

The size of Deluxe rooms allows for mobility aids, but these rooms do not have handrails or fixed shower seats in the bathrooms; however, portable shower seats are available. On the way to some of the Sky rooms on the 6th floor there are stairs and some Sky rooms are on two levels, with 4 steps between levels; please mention your preference for a room without stairs when making a reservation.


Restaurant Toscanini is accessible via the main doors of the hotel next to the reception.

Guests staying at the hotel have wheelchair access to our breakfast room on the 2nd floor via elevator. For those arriving at Klaus K Dine for breakfast or brunch from outside the hotel, there is wheelchair access via the main hotel entrance and elevator to the second floor.

On the 7th floor of the hotel, our Sky Terrace offers the opportunity to spend evenings indoors under a covered area, with walls that can be opened on warm summer nights. Unfortunately, there is currently no wheelchair access to the outdoor area.

Access to the Sky Terrace is via the main hotel entrance and elevator. Access to the covered indoor area is assisted by staff via a short steep ramp. The space cannot be classified as fully accessible.

Event and Meeting Spaces

Our event spaces Rake Hall and Wintti have wheelchair access via elevator from the main hotel entrance.

Studio K can be accessed with staff assistance via elevator from the main entrance. There is a threshold of just over 5 cm at the entrance, so the space is not entirely accessible.

Accessible Restrooms

There are two accessible restrooms in our public areas.

One is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel, adjacent to our Klaus K Dine restaurant, which also serves hotel breakfast. This restroom can be used when visiting Toscanini restaurant, our Sky Terrace, and our event and meeting spaces. Access to the 2nd floor is via elevator.

There is a dedicated accessible restroom on the Studio K floor for those booking Studio K space. Other areas are served by the restroom on the 2nd-floor restaurant. The accessible restrooms in public areas have fixed handrails, hand basins, and mirrors.