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Why book directly on

Why you should book directly with us

To get the best deal, you don’t need to surf the Web for the best deal. You can be sure that booking directly with us you are covered.

For most travelers, booking a hotel room often comes down to one important variable: price. And for years, online travel agencies (called OTAs in the industry) like Expedia and, have been the go-to booking sites for the cheapest rates. But the relationship between OTAs and hotels has long been somewhat awkward. Hotels have been dependent on the OTAs for their ability to reach more potential guests on the Web. But it comes with a high commissions cost that the charge. This is something that the guests are not frequently aware of.

We would love you to book directly and here’s why you should:

  • Best rate guaranteed. If you find a lower rate somewhere else it means that the provider is paying partly of your room rate or that not all costs are listed on the first page.
  • Loyalty program points: Stays that are booked through an OTA or third-party site do not qualify for any loyalty program points or benefits.
  • Recognition. When you book directly with us, we know who you are and what you like. Through OTA’s we often only get the name and can not be sure who the guest is.
  • Room preferences: If you need a room with two beds, your chances of getting that room type are better when booking directly with us as the OTAs do not guarantee room type for guests.
  • Guest service: If something goes wrong with your trip or your stay, you’ll get better customer service if you book directly through the hotel. That’s because hotels cannot amend OTA reservations in any way. We give priority to reservations made directly with us since we don’t have to pay a commission fee. Otherwise, you’ll have to go through an OTA’s customer service agent, who will then have to liaise between you and us. Which option you find more appealing? To be frank we do favor guests who book directly over those who book through OTAs.


  • Lowest price guaranteed
  • More flexible cancellation
  • Free WiFi