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Voice of the Month

We at Klaus K want to do good and create equality in the world by providing space for diverse voices and being. We are a safe and receptive space for our guests and our staff. Our Voice of the Month series showcases different voices under four themes this year.

In our Voice of the Month series you get to listen to different voices under four themes this year. The themes we hear about during the year are based on Klaus K's values and UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

We hope that by listening to different voices we learn new things and broaden our view of the world. Welcome to become part of our story!

Our values:

  • Humanity – You are welcome just as you are.
  • Open-mindedness – We want to explore the world without preconceptions.
  • Braveness – We dare to act in accordance with our values.

Voice of the Month themes:

  • Sustainable food and fighting climate change
  • Gender equality
  • Reducing inequality
  • Elderly people

Get to know the Voice of the Month

Elderly people:

Rainbow Seniors

Rainbow seniors are often forgotten when talking about the elderly. What challenges do older adults who belong to the sexual minority commonly face in society? Also, what could be done in Finland to improve the well-being of rainbow seniors?

Interviewee Risto Hartikainen, Chairperson of the LGBTQIA+ Seniors, Member of Seta's Board of Directors & Vice Chairperson of the HIV Foundation

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