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Art room Riiko Sakkinen

Riiko Sakkinen is a Finnish artist whose art drawings concentrates on consumer culture and politics. The by him created world of Turbo Realism provokes and surprises.

“The Hong Kong Curry Flavor Cup Noodle Robot is one of my favorite figures after finding the image in a supermarket in Kowloon a few years ago. It is an explosive mixture of cultures equipped with the seven deadly sins and the seven heavenly virtues. The Robot craves everything in the Finnish cuisine from Karelian pies to fast food. Now the robot stays permanently at Klaus K"

Get a small painting from Riiko Sakkinen featuring one of the listed dishes with you.
Price: 300 €

Riiko Sakkinens Art Room is 40 m² large and have a 180 cm wide bed (King Size)

The room includes free internet access, TV, Lavazza Classy coffee maker, safe and a hairdryer.

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