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Safe Stay - You are safe with us

The safety and health of our guests and staff is our priority. A safe environment is a prerequisite for everything we want to offer you: experiences, relaxation, a good night’s sleep, tasty food, efficient meetings and memorable celebrations. We do our utmost for the safety of you and our employees. 

Our safety and hygiene policy

  • Our employees have been trained to secure your safety. We will tell you about our important hygiene instructions during your stay
  • We pay attention to hand hygiene and we also encourage our guests to do so. You will find hand sanitizers in the public areas of our hotel, at the service counters and in the toilet facilities
  • We recommend card payment instead of cash
  • We want to protect the health of our guests and team members and ask you not to visit our hotels and restaurants if you experience any kind of flu symptoms, even the mildest

Safe Rooms

  • Your room is your room only
  • We avoid visiting your room while you are inside and always wear gloves when visiting your room

Safe Food

  • We will make your experience relaxed by following the official guidelines on customer numbers. You will be given a breakfast time slot upon your arrival to make the breakfast as smooth as possible
  • We highly recommend card payment instead of cash

Safe Meeting 

  • We follow the official guidelines on safety distance and number of clients so that you can meet and celebrate safely on our premises
  • We make sure the space is thoroughly cleaned before your event


Everyone is equal. Everyone has the right to be heard and respected exactly as they are.

We have declared ourselves a discrimination-free area and are committed to treating all people we meet equally, regardless of the person's gender, age, ethnic origin, religion or belief, opinion, health status, disability or sexual orientation. We take all reports and suspicions of discrimination seriously.

We follow the principles of a safer space in our hotel


We face new things and people without prejudices. We are open to new perspectives and take every situation as an opportunity to learn new things and develop.


Racism and discrimination are not part of our hotel, we take this into account in our language. We give other people space and speak to them respectfully.

We recognize our assumptions

We notice what kinds of things we assume about other people. For example, you cannot tell what they are like or how they feel based on their appearance. We let everyone be themselves.


We take responsibility for a safer space together with others. If we make a mistake, we apologize and do things differently next time. We also help others. If we notice that someone is offending another, we intervene. It's okay if we make a mistake sometimes. We ask and discuss boldly if we are not sure about something.

We invite you to follow these  principles with us. We are here for you. Please be in contact if something worries you.

Welcome - Have a safe stay!

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