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Q & A

Is there a separate charge for room rental in Rake-Sali?

Depending of the size of your wedding we can make an offer based on number of participants (dining adults) or minimum amount of sales which can be covered with food and drink order.

For weddings we reserve Rake-Sali from 12 noon to 23:30 for set up and dinner.

Rake-Sali can be rented till 03:30 for a 200€/ hourly fee.

Menu pricing also includes two meetings with the maitre D’ (consecutive meetings are 35€/hour), table settings, service, cleaning and if needed AV-equipment: projector, screen and sound system (microphones are designed for speaking not musical usage). Sound system can be used to play music from ipod or computer. All prices include VAT.

What is included in the table setup?

A festive setting is created with white tablecloths and cloth napkins. Finnish Iittala tuikku candles may also be added to the table settings (limited amount).

Can I bring my own decorations and flowers to Rake-Sali?

You may bring your own decorations or use an outside source of your choice for flowers and decoration. We work closely together with Parone Design ( You receive a 10% discount of all their services for your event in Rake-Sali.

Rake-Sali is a very beautiful and festive space to begin with and does not necessarily require major decorations.

If I don’t like the sound of the menus as they are written?

All weddings are unique and we are happy to work with you and tailor the menu to your liking. You may also participate in the planning and decoration of the wedding cake if you can’t find your favorite on our list. Some of the guests are travelling to Helsinki for the wedding, can they find accommodation in Klaus K? Case by case based on availability and season, we will offer you the best available rate for your guests. Closer to the event we will release the rooms that are not reserved by your guests back to sales and they do not need to be guaranteed by the wedding couple.

Do you have to go through Klaus K hotel to get to Rake-Sali?

Rake-Sali can be accessed from Erottajankatu 4C, were there is an elevator that will take you directly to Rake-Sali. This Erottajakatu entrance can also be decorated for your event if you so desire.

What are the potential additional costs that might be accrued besides the food and drinks?

Cleaning, table setting, service and table wear are included in the price and not a cause for additional charges. Additional decoration or live music may cause some additional charges for the event.

What is the cost of children attending the wedding?

Children under 4 years eat for free and children up to 12 years old get a 50% discount of the menu price. We can tailor make a separate children’s menu for them.

Are there any music restrictions in regards to time or volume in Rake-Sali?

Most weddings held in Rake-Sali have live music that is allowed till 23:30.

Can we arrange an after party in Klaus K?

You may continue your party in our Ahjo nightclub (age limit 24). The wedding party does not need to wait in line for the club but needs to make reservation in advance. Hotel guest are free of charge but other guests have to pay the entrance fee of 6-10€ based on the weekend line up(we reserve the right to changes). We also charge a coat check fee of 3€. We recommend you plan and make the reservations well in advance since depending on the clubs event calendar it does fill up quite quickly.
*Please note, that wedding dress/ or a white dress resembling a wedding dress is not allowed when entering the night club!

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