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Story of Klaus K Hotel – Around the World and Back to Helsinki –


Our Story – Our dream!

Mia and Marc’s story! Mia grew up in the Helsinki area and Marc grew up around the world.

Our story begins when we met at an international hotel school in Strasbourg, France. Out of 90 people in our class, 10 were Finn’s and 4 were American. For us, it’s a funny coincidence that a Finn and an American meet in France and decide to spend the rest of their life together! We fell in love and dreamt of running our own hotel one day.

We continued our studies and graduated from university life in Rhode Island where we were able to refine our skills in hotel and culinary management. We began working in various parts of the Unites States including Maui Hawaii, Pebble Beach California, Palm Beach Florida, Washington DC and New York City. After working with companies like Four Seasons Hotels, The Ritz Carlton, Pebble Beach Resorts, Hilton and W Hotels, we were ready to make the jump across the Atlantic and moved to Helsinki to begin our new quest.

Our dream came true with Klaus K in 2005. Our passion resonates throughout the whole operation and we focus on every detail whether it is the interior design, the mobile phone map, the breakfast porridge or the private wine label on the house wine. Our goal is to provide our guests and our team an enriching environment. This translates into a contemporary style of hotel which typically surprises even the most experienced world traveller.

We own the business and manage the hotel on a daily basis with our exceptional team – we have separate offices though :) .

Come and see how we are taking the hotel out of the hotel!

All the best,
Marc and Mia Skvorc