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Special Rooms

Art Suite Tukiainen

Katja Tukiainen is Finnish artist and cartoonist, whose works are recognizable by their joyful colours, specially pink and magenta, sympathetic figures and expressive style.

Katja Tukiainen Art Suite represent the secret garden of “Tivoli”. Everything becomes possible in Tivoli when cherishing the magic of traveling in our hearts.

Movie Room by Harri Koskinen

The Movie room invites you to a personal movie theater. This space can be enjoyed on your own or shared with a friend. This room is absolutely informal. One could describe this room as a “Cinema at home” even though you are in a hotel.” says Harri Koskinen. Harri Koskinen is a famous Finnish designer and probably best known for his Block Lamp, a lightbulb held inside two shaped pieces of clear glass, exhibited in MoMA in New York City.

Urban Nature Room by Harri Koskinen

Urban Nature room is the other masterpiece of designer, Harri Koskinen. The room is an oasis of tranquility.

Materials, textures, colors and ambiance of this room will reduce your pulse. Bath products by Malin+Goetz complement Hansgrohe Raindance Showerpipe+. Step inside the peaceful nature in the heart of Helsinki.

Art Room Sakkinen

Riiko Sakkinen is a Finnish artist whose art drawings concentrates on consumer culture and politics.

One of Riiko’s favourite figure is The Hong Kong Curry Flavor Cup Noodle Robot, which stays now permanently in Riiko Sakkinen Art Room and envies Finnish cuisine enormously, ranging from the traditional Karelian hot pot to the contemporary fast food favourite pizza pollo mexicana. Hope you get hungry!

Art Room Leinonen

Jani Leinonen Art Room tells the stories of lovers. The walls with white tattoo-like hearts contains famous couples from history, books, movies, tabloids and real life. True love stories that last forever. The living room wall continues to the bedroom and the hearts turn to black, the love stories to secret affairs, wives to mistresses. These bedroom love stories cannot stand the light of the living room.

Jani Leinonen is a Finnish rebellious artist whose trademark has been to edit existing images and create them with new meanings.